Transition from School to Work

Workmates Supported Employment will work in partnership with the student, their school and their family/whanau to plan and implement a one year transition service during the student's final year(s) at school.

The student must be at least 16 years old.

It is assumed that the school and Workmates Supported Employment will combine their resources to enable a successful transition.

A co-operative partnership will be created to best serve the process of transition.

The Transition Programme will consist of:

(1) An involvement by Workmates Supported Employment in Individualised Education Programme (IEP) planning process and/or a Transition Plan process will take place where work related goals are identified and both educational and experimental objectives and responsibilities are discussed.

(2) A minimum of three planned, monitored and evaluated work experience placements over the students last year of schooling and should the opportunity arise, also holiday and after school work dependant on the students preferences.

The Transition Programme is based on:

(1) The understanding that one of the priorities for the school leaver is securing paid employment.  Sometimes via tertiary or further education.

(2) For some students with disabilities these choices may be more complex and require a great deal of planning.  Research shows that planning should be begin, at the latest, during secondary school.

(3) That school to work programmes work best when treated as part of the school system giving students with disabilities access to the same range of services as non-disabled students.

(4) That in order for students to be able to make an informed choice about which career path they would like to follow, they require work experience.

(5) Regardless of disability type of degree, students are significantly more likely to be employed as adults if they have engaged in real work while in secondary school.

The Obejective of the Transition Programme is to:

(1) To prepare ORRS funded students in their final year of school, with disabilities, regardless of type or degree of disability, for productive and satisfying employment and community participation before they have finished secondary school.

The Transition from School to Work Programme is part of Workmates Supported Employment's commitment to supporting people, with a disability into employment.

For more information, please contact:

Susan Christian - Executive Manager

Phone: 04 237 71 41