Workmates Supported Employment has a long history of working and supporting community organisations that are doing amazing work. We are very proud to be working with the following:  The Salvation Army Have fought poverty and social and spiritual distress in New Zealand. They have helped more than 120,000 families and individuals in need each year, with: - Budgeting Advice - Food and Clothing Assistance - Life Skills Programmes - Other Comfort and Support The Salvation Army are committed to their mission of caring for people, tranforming live an
Workmates Supported Employment understands that long-term benefit dependency has potential negative impacts for both the people concerned and for society. People who are contributing to their communities by being employed may possess a better quality of life than those who are isolated or excluded from employment. For the past 18 years Workmates Supported Employment has been working with Work and Income in securing open employment for our clients of five hours or more a week. It is the goal of Workmates Supported Employment to assist people in
For over 18 years Workmates Supported Employment has been successful in placing our clients with significant disabilities and barriers into employment through the Mainstream Employment Programme. Dedicated Employment Specialists work with local government agencies and medium to large private companies in creating and obtaining employment opportunities for our clients. The Mainstream Employment Programme provides a package of subsidies, training and support in assisting the client and employee in their newly created role. The Mainstream Programm
Workmates Supported Employment will work in partnership with the student, their school and their family/whanau to plan and implement a one year transition service during the student's final year(s) at school. The student must be at least 16 years old. It is assumed that the school and Workmates Supported Employment will combine their resources to enable a successful transition. A co-operative partnership will be created to best serve the process of transition. The Transition Programme will consist of: (1) An involvement by Workmates Supported E
Having rights does not absolve us from the consequences and accountability of our actions - consequences inspire growth! -  We all have the right to be treated with respect. -  We all have the right to have and express our own feelings and opinions. -  You have the right to set your own priorities. -  You have the right to say NO without feeling guilty. -  You have the right to make mistakes. -  You have the right to change your mind. -  You have the right to be illogical in making decisions. -  You have the right to ask for what you want.  In
Our Core Principles of Supported Employment Open waged employment: Supported Employment is based in the open labour market, same rewards, same conditions as everyone else. Individualised - based upon partnership: Supported Employment services are expected to meet a client's individual support needs (whether employer or job seeker). They fundamentally present partnership. Direct access to employment pathways: Supported Employment services will facilitate direct access to the labour market (optimally within 4 weeks) developing and utilising a pre
From left to right Dr Sandi McCutcheon - Chairperson Jenny Cardno - Treasurer Lynn Turner - Secretary Committee Peter Cuncarr Kelly Ross For more information, please contact: Susan Christian - Executive Manager Phone: 04 237 7141 or 021 137 5749 E-mail
Focus Trust Incorporated - Workmates Supported Employment Quality Plan is currently under development. He aha te huarahi? I runga, I te tika, te pono, me te aroha What is the pathway? It is doing what is right with integrity and compassion. Workmates Supported Employment is committed to providing a consistent, quality service for our clients through skills assessment, career planning, professional development, goal setting, and in-work support. This service could extend beyond the services Workmates staff can provide and is not restricted by th